Youth Group Discount



Here's the deal...

Casa de Arboles and our associated farms have a collection of excellent quality females that have served their roles

within our farms and our breeding programs are continuing with their offspring.  All of these females are healthy, have produced

ribbon winning offspring and are capable of bearing healthy future cria, but because of age or other factors their value is limited on the open market.

It is our desire to see these animals placed with the youth that are future alpaca farmers, where they can be useful

in establishing future quality alpaca herds.  Each female comes with a free breeding if desired. 

Transportation of the animal is the responsibility of the new owner, but assistance can be arranged.

How do you apply?

Send an email expressing interest to Maggie DiUlio at

You will also need a letter from a parent AND a youth group leader, expressing their support for your project.  Yes, we realize that your

parent and your youth group leader might be the same person.  We will also need a description and pictures of your proposed housing

and feed plan for your animals.  The animals need to be placed with at least one companion alpaca.  If you do not have a companion animal,

a companion animal can be provided.  Click on the animal's name below for more information!


If you don't live close enough to deliver your animal for Christmas, we can provide a gift certificate for a specific animal

or a certificate for an "Animal of Your Choice" for after Christmas!

The available animals are listed below: Click on an individual animal for more information!